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Colleges’ expectations conflict with No Child Left Behind

June 19, 2008

A Legislative Analyst’s Office report indicates that college students in California are not entering By Rich ConleyCalifornia Community Colleges with the appropriate skills to complete college course work.

What makes this otherwise “old-news” story interesting is that the colleges say one of the biggest problems is that their expectations of the students and the expectations given students in high school don’t always match.

“Our review of CCC’s report and other studies finds a number of systemwide CCC policies and practices that are at odds with generally accepted strategies for improving basic skills education. For example: The CCC system does not clearly indicate to high school students how well their reading, writing, and math skills are aligned with CCC standards and expectations. . . .”

The great irony here is that President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, which forces public schools to get students to pass achievement tests based on state standards, does  not seem to jibe with what colleges believe students should know.

Seems the Bush administration left out a key ingredient to its recipe for successfully preparing students for higher education — communicating with the higher educators.