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Dreams and death on Everest

May 23, 2008

Swiss mountain climber, Gianni Goltz, waited 44 years, but he finally lived his dream, when he reached the top of Mount Everest, this week.  What a marvelous accomplishment.

Goltz didn’t have time to drink a toast to his amazing feat, though, as he dropped dead moments after Mount Everestreaching Everest’s peak. 

Not to make light of a relatively young man’s death, but I’ve simply never understood the the strange obsession with risking your life, just so you can  say, “I made it to the top.”

After all, it’s not like Goltz would have been  the first to scale Everest.  In fact, the tragic announcement of his death was missed by many climbing enthusiasts, celebrating the 18th successful ascent by a Sherpa guide.

Meanwhile, another man with a family has died, just so he could say he climbed a mountain.