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Polls shmolls

May 24, 2008

Ever get tired of reading headlines about recent polls?  Not to be cynical, but I find polls to be about as reliable as weather prognosticators.  Last week, it was going to be sunny and 65, and I found myself shivering in the rain, as I stood over my golf ball; needless to say, I didn’t score too well on that beautiful weather day.

Pollsters are in their glory now.  It’s presidential election season, and anyone connected to Gallup, CNN or a major metropolitan newspaper is eagerly feeding the public information about what the public thinks.

A recent Times/KTLA poll says Barack Obama will win California in the general election.  Now, here’s some scintillating information.  Let’s see, the Democratic nominee is still undecided, the general presidential election is over five months away, but at least I know who will win Cali, if he’s the nominee.

Maybe we should just stop all of this campaigning, save the lobbyists billions of dollars, take a poll and deposit the winner in the Oval Office.