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Feinstein’s bill shows Democratic creativity and sympathy, too

June 16, 2008

Thanks to Sen. Diane Feinstein, Arthur Mkoyan can unpack his bags, indefinitely.A Dream Deferred

Mkoyan, a 17-year-old illegal alien from Armenia, recently graduated from Bullard High School in Fresno as the school’s valedictorian.  Shortly after his commencement, Mkoyan was to be deported back to his home country, along with his family, which includes Arthur’s U.S.-born younger brother.

This family has been here most  of Mkoyan’s life, making Arthur as American as most of his high school friends, save for the fact that they are U.S. citizens and Mkoyan isn’t.  So, valedictorian or not, it was back to Armenia, American immigration law said.

Enter Feinstein, a senator who demonstrates the kind of creativity that is emblematic of the Democratic party, when it comes to protecting those in need.

Although most political pundits will tell you that the new bill Feinstein recently introduced has virtually no chance  of becoming law, her bill, which gives people like Mkoyan the right to avoid deportation, can be introduced yearly until Congress finally resolves the issue.  Knowing how fast Congress moves, the next we hear about Mkoyan may be when he applies for his AARP card.

Meanwhile, at least for now, young Mkoyan is off to college and, hopefully, medical school.

And Diane Feinstein has struck another blow for civil rights in America.