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Bush pursues drilling, contaminating environment

June 18, 2008

President Bush will once again ask Congress to approve offshore oil drilling.  Bush and the Republicans continue their tired refrain that our enemies, China and Cuba, are reaping the benefits of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Friend or Foe?Bush and his court jesters babble incessantly about how there are 21 billion barrels of untapped oil here in the states and that evil Democrats are robbing Americans of this bounty with a drilling ban.

Of course, the Republicans and the oil magnates don’t want people to know the truth — that these billions of barrels would create enough oil for approximately eight months of use.  (We consume roughly 89 million barrels of oil daily.)

It takes neither a brilliant scientist nor an award-winning economist to understand that the risk of contaminating our environment for seven months of a consumable product is a ludicrous notion. 

All it takes is a little common sense.  But if you read the first sentence of this post, we know common sense is not at work here.