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Pajama Press off the mark on Obama and church

June 10, 2008

I like the Pajamas Media.  This is a blog-lovers blog.  A collection of all sorts of opinions and news that offers readers a cornucopoia of thought-provoking prose.

A recent post, though, about Barack Obama and the Trinity Church, in which Bernard Chapin says that Obama, the church and outrageous reverend Jeremiah Wright will forever be linked as “inseperable peas in a leftist pod” is a bit over the top.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama may well be our next president, but he is surrounded by individuals who have nothing but disdain and contempt for our nation. He even shares a bed with one. Clearly, Reverend Wright was no aberration because his replacement, Otis Moss III, is an ideological clone. Moss is well known to Obama, who described him as a “wonderful young pastor.”

Like most political miscues (Bill Clinton sleeping with an intern and Hillary Clinton being linked to white supremicists in her early legal career, to name a couple) are soon forgotten.

Barack Obama will be measured by the decisions he makes as president, assuming he wins in November.  Americans will praise hime, when unemployment declines and vilify him, when universal health care flops.

As far as Obama’s religious choices, most Americans will view these as the average Catholic treats the weekly obligation — it’s only important when others are watching.

And they won’t be watching Obama on Sundays.

How Obama networked his way to victory

June 5, 2008

A very insightful youtube video explains how a 24-year-old social networking guru turned relative unknow, Barack Obama, into the presumptive Democratic presidential nomineee.

Check out the video at Sensico’s blog.

Is Obama too inexperienced. . . or too black to win?

May 27, 2008

Before you get your underwear in a bunch over this post’s title, take a deep breath and say, “jack likes Barack” ten times.  Jack rogers is certainly no racist (did I just reference myself in the third person?).

This question is posed because of a Memorial Day conversation, when a relative suggested that she would not vote for Barack Obama, even though she prefers a Democrat, because he’s too inexperienced.  A breath later she said she believes Obama could be assasinated, if he wins.  (Hmm, sound familiar?)

This got me to thinking.  For the fence-sitters out there who might otherwise lean toward Obama over John McCain, what might ultimately change their minds on election day — Obama’s inexperience or the fact that he’s black?

Polls shmolls

May 24, 2008

Ever get tired of reading headlines about recent polls?  Not to be cynical, but I find polls to be about as reliable as weather prognosticators.  Last week, it was going to be sunny and 65, and I found myself shivering in the rain, as I stood over my golf ball; needless to say, I didn’t score too well on that beautiful weather day.

Pollsters are in their glory now.  It’s presidential election season, and anyone connected to Gallup, CNN or a major metropolitan newspaper is eagerly feeding the public information about what the public thinks.

A recent Times/KTLA poll says Barack Obama will win California in the general election.  Now, here’s some scintillating information.  Let’s see, the Democratic nominee is still undecided, the general presidential election is over five months away, but at least I know who will win Cali, if he’s the nominee.

Maybe we should just stop all of this campaigning, save the lobbyists billions of dollars, take a poll and deposit the winner in the Oval Office.