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Movies and media blamed for suspected teen pregnancy pact is

June 23, 2008

Seventeen high school girls allegedly created a pregnancy pact in Gloucester, Mass.  Although she woudn’t confirm that such a pact to become pregnant actually exists, the mayor of Gloucester, Carolyn Kirk, was quick to lay blame for the creation of such an absurd pact. 

According to Kirk, the movie industry and media coverage of pregnant teen celebrities, like Jamie Lynn Spears, creates a “glamorization of pregnancy,” which ultimately led to 17 girls at one Gloucester high school becoming pregnant; all of the girls are under 16.

Kirk also took a shot at President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, arguing that too much time and money are dedicated to NCLB, leaving little for health programs that might teach young girls about safe sex.

One must wonder if Kirk left those most to blame unscathed. 

What about these girls’ parents? 

Are parents ever to blame for America’s wayward youth?

Duke rape accuser Crystal Mangum gets degree — in police psychology

June 12, 2008

Educators have been given a new model for teaching irony.  Duke rape accuser, Crystal Mangum, graduated recently from North Carolina Central University with a degree in police psycology.Fox News photo

Mangum, who gained national fame for accusing three lacrosse players from Duke University of rape, is a known drug abuser and suffers from psychological issues far too many for us to list in this space. 

Now, she can begin evaluating other criminals.

Sounds about right.

Maybe presidential candidates should chase cheese

May 27, 2008

Americans spend much of their time worrying about gas prices, health care and a never-ending war in Iraq.  Maybe we’ve got this thing all wrong.

In England, the biggest problem is catching up to cheese, rolling down a hill.  This is the annual (you may have guessed it) cheese rolling competition in Gloucester, a centuries-old tradition of rolling a big chunk of cheese down a very steep hill and running after it.

Maybe we should make Barack Obama and John McCain chase something down Capitol Hill.  Winner gets the oval. . . office, that is.