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Hillary fighting to the bitter end

May 31, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that Barack Obama would win the Democratic Win McNameepresidential nomination, based on his seemingly insurmountable delegate lead, Hillary Clinton has lept back into the fray, fists ablazing.

The Dallas News reports that the Democratic National Committee will decide today whether or not to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida.  As you may recall, both of these renegade states held primaries too early, based on DNC rules, and their delegates have not been awarded to anyone.

Hillary contends that these delegates will vault her back into contention, while Obama and most political wonks disagree.

Regardless of how it all ends, Hillary Clinton just won’t go away.  Some people say she’s manipulating the system.  Others go as far as to call her evil.

One thing is certain.  Hillary Clinton is a fierce fighter. 

Makes you wonder if she isn’t the kind of tenacious politician that America needs to bring out of the depths of recession and ugly foregin affairs?

Is Obama too inexperienced. . . or too black to win?

May 27, 2008

Before you get your underwear in a bunch over this post’s title, take a deep breath and say, “jack likes Barack” ten times.  Jack rogers is certainly no racist (did I just reference myself in the third person?).

This question is posed because of a Memorial Day conversation, when a relative suggested that she would not vote for Barack Obama, even though she prefers a Democrat, because he’s too inexperienced.  A breath later she said she believes Obama could be assasinated, if he wins.  (Hmm, sound familiar?)

This got me to thinking.  For the fence-sitters out there who might otherwise lean toward Obama over John McCain, what might ultimately change their minds on election day — Obama’s inexperience or the fact that he’s black?

Fence-sitters may decide next president

May 25, 2008

America’s fence-sitters (my term of endearment for independents), may have a lot to say on the November 4, presidential election.  Recent Gallup and Pew polls give Obama only the slightest edge currently among the fence-sitters.

According to Newsday, independent voters will make up between one fifth and one third of the electorate in each state.

As the campaign season continues, it wil be interesting to see how the candidates approach this important group.

It just may come down to popularity, which would have to give the charismatic Obama a huge edge.

Hillary and Obama, a marriage made in . . .

May 24, 2008

It’s time for Barack Obama to think about a running mate.  Sure the democratic presidential race is still close, but everyone this side of Howard Wolfson knows HIllary can’t win, no matter how many rabbits she tries to pull from her political hat.

The Dems call Obama-Hillary a dream ticket, and if youZD Net photo polled Democratic voters, most would love this match made somewhere in  Washington nirvana.

How, though, would swing state voters and independents stand on this union of change and experience?  Washington correspondent Lynn Sweet says Obama has a list of potential running mates that includes, but is certainly not limited to, Hillary.

Some notables on the list are: Bill Richardson (a solid candidate but a bit too on the nose), independent New York mayor Michael Bloomberg (savvy, but also an obvious stretegic move), Joe Biden, who would be a good choice based on his excellent political record but he looks like a loser, and as Sweet so aptly illustrates John Edwards, who couldn’t get John Kerry over the top, so who’s to say he’ll help propel Obama into the White House?

All of this supposition brings us back to Hillary.

The best reasons Obama has not to select the New York senator is a) the choice makes him look like he’s the Democratic National Committee’s puppet, and b) there’s an unspoken fear in the Obama camp that the undecideds, who may be leaning to his side, would disdain Obama in November because they’ll believe Hillary will clash with Obama’s “Change” mantra.

This decision, as muddled as Lynn Sweet and this post makes it appear, is really not all hat difficult.

All Obama has to do is name Oprah as his running mate.  She helped him leapfrog Hillary, so why can’t she help him crush John McCain?  Sure, it’s an old idea, but as the primary season nears an end, the idea has a certain freshness to it.

Polls shmolls

May 24, 2008

Ever get tired of reading headlines about recent polls?  Not to be cynical, but I find polls to be about as reliable as weather prognosticators.  Last week, it was going to be sunny and 65, and I found myself shivering in the rain, as I stood over my golf ball; needless to say, I didn’t score too well on that beautiful weather day.

Pollsters are in their glory now.  It’s presidential election season, and anyone connected to Gallup, CNN or a major metropolitan newspaper is eagerly feeding the public information about what the public thinks.

A recent Times/KTLA poll says Barack Obama will win California in the general election.  Now, here’s some scintillating information.  Let’s see, the Democratic nominee is still undecided, the general presidential election is over five months away, but at least I know who will win Cali, if he’s the nominee.

Maybe we should just stop all of this campaigning, save the lobbyists billions of dollars, take a poll and deposit the winner in the Oval Office.