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Relax, Obama is just politicking

June 20, 2008

It’s presidential election campaign season, so it’s time for all media to scrutinize every move made by Barack Obama and John McCain. why so frightening?

(I heard that Obama eats sausage links with his fingers and McCain puts his pants on right leg first, both facts bringing skepticism to their leadership abilities.)  Okay, that was a joke; I have to clarify this, because some people don’t know the difference in levity and genuine criticism.

Here is one example of not understanding simple polliticking by the Obama campaign.  The blog post links to a story about Obama’s people asking two women wearing Muslim headscarves to not sit behind a podium, where Obama was speaking.  Granted, this is not the best move Obama’s people have made, but in their defense, they were simply looking out for their candidate.

Obama has been called everything short of Osam Bin Laden’s twin by his detractors; this Muslim link just won’t go away.  So, what’s the most obvious, though maybe not the best, campaign strategy?  Distance Obama from Muslims.  Not that he’s afraid of the association.  Americans are afraid.

In another obvious piece of politicking, Obama called the two women personally and apologized.

Maybe if Americans were less fearful of the Muslim faith, this sort of politicking wouldn’t be necessary.


Obama talks Fathers Day, basketball and more with Jimmy Kimmel

June 16, 2008

One more demonstration of Barack Obama’s charisma. If November comes down to a popularity vote, McCain is in trouble.

Pajama Press off the mark on Obama and church

June 10, 2008

I like the Pajamas Media.  This is a blog-lovers blog.  A collection of all sorts of opinions and news that offers readers a cornucopoia of thought-provoking prose.

A recent post, though, about Barack Obama and the Trinity Church, in which Bernard Chapin says that Obama, the church and outrageous reverend Jeremiah Wright will forever be linked as “inseperable peas in a leftist pod” is a bit over the top.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama may well be our next president, but he is surrounded by individuals who have nothing but disdain and contempt for our nation. He even shares a bed with one. Clearly, Reverend Wright was no aberration because his replacement, Otis Moss III, is an ideological clone. Moss is well known to Obama, who described him as a “wonderful young pastor.”

Like most political miscues (Bill Clinton sleeping with an intern and Hillary Clinton being linked to white supremicists in her early legal career, to name a couple) are soon forgotten.

Barack Obama will be measured by the decisions he makes as president, assuming he wins in November.  Americans will praise hime, when unemployment declines and vilify him, when universal health care flops.

As far as Obama’s religious choices, most Americans will view these as the average Catholic treats the weekly obligation — it’s only important when others are watching.

And they won’t be watching Obama on Sundays.

Obama taking fight to McCain in the south

June 9, 2008

Barack Obama is getting feisty, and he’s doing it in battleground states like North Carolina and Virginia.AP photo

Hammering away at John McCain with what promises to be a refrain we’ll hear until November, Obama is linking McCain and George Bush with one salvo after another, hoping the latter’s poor approval rating will drag down his party’s presumtive nominee.

Obama is like a well-produced McDonalds advertisement.  His rhetoric is so clearly defined that it resonates like a jingle. 

Everytime I see McCain,  I can   just hear Obama saying, “100 years in Iraq, 100 Years in Iraq.”

It’s this type of relentless branding that will help Obama defeat McCain in November.


How Obama networked his way to victory

June 5, 2008

A very insightful youtube video explains how a 24-year-old social networking guru turned relative unknow, Barack Obama, into the presumptive Democratic presidential nomineee.

Check out the video at Sensico’s blog.

Is Hillary’s concession too late?

June 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton has finally conceded the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama, who has claimed enough delegates to win the outright nomination.  This is the move the Democratic National Committee wanted months ago.

For all intents and purposes, Obama sewed up the nomination in a narrow defeat in the Ohio primary.  While losing, Obama won enough delegates to build an insurmountable lead.  Everyone this side of Bill Clinton was begging Hillary to drop out of the race.

John McCain wrapped up the Republican nomination in what now seems like eons ago, and he has had his sights set on the Dems for months, but even with the DNC saying that Hillary was damaging the party’s chances to win in November by dragging out a lost battle,  the indefatigable New York senator forged ahead.

Now, Hillary is finally calling it quits and promising to do whatever she can do to help Obama win the White House.

One must wonder if her concession is too late.

DNC clobbers Hillary

June 1, 2008

All the kings horses and all the kings men and the entire Democratic National Committee can’t put Hillary Clinton’s chances to win the Democratic presidential nomination together again.

In fact, the DNC worked very hard yesterday to smash into tiny pieces any semblance of hope Hillary had at surpassing Barack Obama, when the committee decided to split delegates in Michigan down the middle — virtually wrapping up the nomination for Obama.

It has been a great fight, but I for one say let’s move ahead to Obama vs. McCain.