iTunes outsells brick and mortar store Wal-Mart

In yet another sign of the power of the Internet, Apple Inc. is now America’s top-selling music store.  Apple’s mega-popular iTunes has toppled Wal-Mart, previously number one in selling music.

News like this makes one wonder how long it will be before bloggers pass the New York Times as the top-selling authors in America.

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2 Comments on “iTunes outsells brick and mortar store Wal-Mart”

  1. catchthevision Says:

    So what will be the next BIG challenge for technology?

    Why not let everyone know your thoughts?


  2. jack rogers Says:

    There is no challenge for technology. The challenge is for people, teaching America’s youth what to do with it.

    Technology will continue to evolve beyond our limited vision. The problem is that currently, we aren’t preparing students for the jobs that technology will create.

    The Bill Gates foundation suggests that most elementary and junior high students won’t be prepared, because the jobs they’ll apply for haven’t even been created yet.

    So, our challenge is to expand our vision and our perception of what’s to come.

    Sadly, most teachers lack the ability to even create a blog, which frightens me.

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