Sports notes: Bolt, U.S. Open, Celtics and more

I hail from the sports writing world, so ocassionally, I like to take the liberty of commenting on sports.  It’s a bit self-indulgent, I know, but isn’t blogging the most self-indulgent form of writing?

On that note, here are some observations about major sporting events.

A sprinter called, bolt: Does anyone else find it too ironic that the  new world record holder in the 100 meter dash is a guy named Bolt?

Hating Tiger Woods: While the world slobbers over Tiger, like a teenaged girl drools over Chris Brown, I find it difficult not to hate the monotone, whiney (“Oh, not in my backswing”), fake toothy-grinning Woods.  Strangely, I always find myself rooting for him on Sundays in major golf tournaments.  Can someone explain this, please?

Celtics over Lakers: The so-called NBA experts were calling this Finals a battle for the ages, recalling the glory days of Larry Bird’s Celtics and Majic Johnson’s Lakers.  Through four games, it’s been nothing but a snoozer.  At least, it’s fun to watch Kobe Bryant lose.  I hate Kobe even more than Tiger.

Desormeaux should have slapped Dutrow: Just days after Big Brown jockey, Kent Desormeaux, pulled his horse up in the Belmont Stakes, realizing he couldn’t win and not wanting to hurt the Derby and Preakness winner, Big Brown trainer, Rick Dutrow, ripped Desormeaux on national television. “I don’t see the horse with a problem,” Dutrow said, “so I have to direct my attention toward the ride.”  Desormeaux has won five Classics and two Breeders Cups, along with 35 other major wins in his illustrious career, yet according to Dutrow, he suddenly forgot how to race a thoroughbred.  Desormeaux is far too classy, but he should have slapped Dutrow for that unforgivable comment.

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12 Comments on “Sports notes: Bolt, U.S. Open, Celtics and more”

  1. mekhami Says:

    Haha, Tiger’s a Titan among us mere mortals. He has really transcended the level of athlete and gone to a higher plane of existence.

    Something tells me you’re just a non-traditionalist (read: nonconformist) and refuse to accept that he’s good simply based on the idea that the rest of the world knows he is.

    Tiger Woods gnaws regularly on the bones of Jesus Christ.

  2. jack rogers Says:

    mekhami, your logic is uncanny. I must concede.

    You still have to hate Kobe, though, right?

  3. mekhami Says:

    Oh for sure, Kobe’s not perfect, therefore hateable.

  4. Son of Bill Brasky Says:

    I can explain rooting for Tiger Woods. Because I don’t want to see older out of shape guys who look like Monty or Daly win anything. Tiger is the best at what he does and if Rocco Mediate had won on monday then he’d be better than Tiger on that day.. or that weekend.
    It goes against all laws of nature for older, fatter, more loserier men to beat Tiger Woods …
    The same goes for 10 year old girls who show up to the course and can swing it too.

    So a win for Tiger is a win for the Laws of Nature.. Darwinism.. America.. you name it.

  5. jack rogers Says:

    I like bringing Darwin into it. This definitely adds a little intelligence to the debate.

  6. mekhami Says:

    I’m not sure if you’re being a sarcastic ass who just has to have something to say for everyone, or sincere and a little slow in the head.

    Either way, not great qualities.

  7. jack rogers Says:

    I think the humor is a bit above you. I actually liked the Darwin comment.

  8. mekhami Says:

    That’s okay, don’t accept comments you don’t like to hear.

    We all know you’re full of shit anyway, we don’t have to read too much to realize that.

  9. jack rogers Says:

    mekhami, what are you ten?

  10. mekhami Says:

    You know, most people who are as condescending as you, try to at least earn the right to act that way. You haven’t even put up a facade of intelligensia. Just bullshit through and through.

  11. jack rogers Says:

    Hmm, “facade?” “Intelligensia?” or did you mean “intelligentsia?” Since you’re pulling out the old thesaurus on me, I’ve got one for you.


    There, now you don’t have to spend so much time on, looking for a comeback.

    Have a great day.

  12. mekhami Says:

    Well you know, there’s this thing called vocabulary, it’s basically a dictionary of the words you know up in your head, and what happens is, you do things like read books. And this crazy thing called reading actually puts more words, and ‘bigger’ words, up in your vocabulary dictionary thing. And then you start to realize that people make ‘typoes’ on words, which means leaving out a letter here or there. Or even that people can create words, but as long as the meaning is clear, they still have the property of words that allows them to be used in sentences.

    But stick to the basic stuff for now… try some big boy books and see if you can grow a bigger vocabulary.

    Then try to come back and criticize me properly, you uninteresting windbag.

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