Teachers in UK being investigated for shouting

The Daily Telegraph reports that teachers are being investigated for, get this, yelling at students.

Education Department officials are investigating teachers for shouting at students to “put that down”, “leave him alone”, “sit down” or “pick up those papers” and demanding to know, “who told you that you could go there?”

Not surprisingly, the teachers are upset that the Ed Dept. is trying to undermine their authority.

Sounds to me like they never had any.

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3 Comments on “Teachers in UK being investigated for shouting”

  1. sensico Says:

    maybe if the parents would do their jobs in controlling their kids then teachers wouldn’t have to yell at them. I think yelling teachers are effective. I have one teacher who would scream in the kids face and walk on desks. I never misbehaved in his class.

  2. jack rogers Says:

    I wasn’t vilifying the teachers for yelling; I was suggesting that they never had any authority in the first place, if the administration can investigate them for something this simple.

    Screaming in kids’ faces, though, is not effective. Teachers who have to do thi are not good teachers. The best teachers establish solid expectations and build good rapport with students. The students then respect them, so the teachers don’t have to yell.

  3. maruwa Says:

    No, if screaming were a good teaching technique the bookshelves would be full of “effective screaming” books, and TV would be full of programmes on “how to scream”. Also, teachers are often used as scapegoats for societys problems…gun crime? Check out the teachers! Teenages pregancies? Its the teachers! Fat children…must be the teachers! What are those teachers teaching our kids these days? More admin for the teachers! More inspector for the teachers! Well, I’m sorry to be blunt but delivering knowledge to children takes up all of our time – there is no benefit to bad behaviour in a classroom, and no teacher would encourage it. But, I suppose we need someone to blame. There are good teachers and bad teachers, just like everything else. I think the greater issue at hand is why is teaching the challenge it is nowadays? I think it is because we face such greater difficulties in the classroom. Its not simply about delivering an education today – it is about navigating a variety of hurdles between the subject and the child’s reception and uptake of it. We need more than school to teach our children. Do check out my project, and let me know what you think, Maruwa

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