Chicago’s Maxwell Street lives up to reputation

I recently saw historic Maxwell Street in Chicago, on the UIC campus.  Now, by no means am I a food critic or a city reviewer, but I do like to eat and drink, so I figured I’d lob a some comments your way about a few places on Maxwell.

There’s a spot on the corner (a sports bar of sorts) that was so forgettable I can’t remember the name.  My glass of wine, which was so bottom shelf I think it came off the floor, was eight dollars.  Mind you, I’m not ignorant about the price of alcohol in nice places, but the service should be at least fair, when you’re making a small mortgage payment for bad wine.  The service was so bad at this place that I left before ordering something to eat.

Next stop, Juniors.  Now, we’re talking.  This is a nice sports bar, with trivia, fast and friendly service and some of the  nicest people you’d ever meet.  Not to be forgotten is the scrumptous steak sandwich — one of the best you’ll ever find.

For the coup de grace, breadfast at Hashbrowns.  Let me tell you this is the epitome of the old-fashioned, hole-in-the-wall, grill-in-your-face greasy spoon that real breakfast lovers drool over. 

I ordered the house hash browns, sausage (gigantic, juicy pork  links) and French toast, which was light as a cloud and came with a delicious vanilla sauce.  I’d be tempted to drive the six hours it takes me to get to the Windy City, just for breakfast at Hashbrowns.

By the way, my meal was ready in five minutes.

Once again, I’m  no food critic, but if you’re taking a trip to Chicago, don’t miss Juniors and Hashbrowns and a stroll down historic Maxwell Street — the pride of the UIC area.

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